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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Obsessed With Cliche' Avoidance

Marjo is always asking so here's how I begin working on songs and where I am so far with new lyrics for new situations. I started noting immediately after my high school reunion. Remember, I've established that I'm 26 or 23 since the last time I took the test. Only the age of my classmates is relevant.

My notes contained a chronological account with some semi poetic images. I had to dig a few paragraphs down to find the lead of the song. It was the entrance bulletin board with photos of my classmates who had died. That's a good start because it creates tension and expectation in line one. So it might open like this:

First faces I see are those of the dead
They haunt us midway through drink two
Fear of death's a sure path to fun instead
Kisses for those we never really knew

Those four lines cover a lot of ground; five pages of notes.

The chorus is still under consideration as well as the rest but it will most likely include the line, "Damn, we were young just the other day" and/or "Damn we were all babies not that long ago."
I don't like coming up with rhymes for "day" and "ago." It's too close to cliche' land. Lois Lane and Kat are urging me not to worry about such things but as I said to Lois I'd rather create a new cliche' than use an existing one. It's just my obsession. Can't hurt, can it?

I have a bunch of images and phrases I want to weave together for the rest of this song. But I promised I'd show you my thinking so far.

There is nothing like live performing to fine tune a song. Collaboration works well too. Helen Avakian completely rearranged Stargazer in one rehearsal take and Kathy Feeney who wrote the lyric loved it as did the crowd. Helen's Harmonies on Windswept Girl also gave me ideas on how to perform it next time. Which is tonight. Kathy also had some insightful comments on my performance of her new lyric Open Shore, which I'll post another time soon. Playing off the crowd and noting reactions is priceless information. I should record everything but just can't lug any more equipment.

Tomorrow I'll try to address another lyric in the making from my cousins' reunion. Soon I'll post some pics and some sounds. Still trying to catch up.

Okay, this is the last day you can buy a CD and have it go to the music scholarship I'm initiating. Confused? Check out previous posts.

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