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Friday, April 01, 2005

Pleeeese Don't Schiavo Me

I've taken care of this legally. I have a Health Care Proxy who will make sure nobody hooks up my brain dead carcass to a machine. There won't be any money made by lawyers or media types. When I'm done I'm done. I just want to say as publicly as I can that I do not want to be Schiavoed. There, I just coined a new verb.

Don't Schiavo me. I beg of you , don't Schiavo me. Pleeeeese don't Schiavo me.
How ironic that a Grateful Dead tune would pop into my head to help me make this point. I'm deeply sorry for all Teri Schiavo's loved ones regardless of which side they took. One side made it far worse than it ever had to be. But they deserve no less sympathy for their loss.

That being said. I would never write a lyric that directly addressed this situation. I would be inspired by it, however. The themes might be, acceptance of death, letting go, making the hardest choices, doing these things in the face of mass criticism.

"Please help me let go" is the first phrase that comes to mind. I'd work backwards from that. It's more like a punch line or a refrain. It begs for a minor key but I like to find other ways to stay major and sound minor. Start with a minor third or sixth or even a minor second. I like that kind of challenge. Take some out-of-the-box chords. Like using a minor where you'd ordinarily use a major. Lots of little tricks you could use.

It took too long to find you, I did me over and you found me
The price so high I was blind to the cost of letting you astound me

If I could I'd take you with me
Feel your smile deep in my soul
We both know they can't reach me
So I beg you, please let me go

That's how I'd start to write a song of this nature. People have asked about my process. This is pretty typical of how I'd start. By the end it could be totally different. Since I write lyrics before tunes, the music I come up with would most likely force lyrical changes. It would have to undergo a forty-eight hour fermentation before I'd try a second draft to eliminate clichˇs or jarring words and lame images. Sometimes that means I have to scrap the whole thing and start over. You know if you ferment crap, you're just gonna get moldy crap. At the end, I'd deny it's about Teri Schiavo. I'd confirm that her case inspired my thoughts. And if anybody cared they'd fight over it ad nauseum.

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