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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Road Trip Progress Report

Last night's benefit gig at the Cubbyhole Coffee House in Poughkeepsie, NY was the most legal fun I've had in recent memory. The good news is that we raised enough money for the first year of this music scholarship. There is no bad news unless we have a car wreck on the way home. We're leaving as soon as we finish packing this morning.

Two nights ago we did the first concert at IronWood Grille in Hyde Park, NY. Mostly for faculty I used to teach with. Most of them had never seen me perform. As a musician, that is. They were used to me grandstanding as the PR director for the teachers union and as the newsletter editor/columnist. My good friend and first grade teacher colleague, Cathy Baker even wore a Bud Buckley, Feel My love, T-Shirt. It was rumored she also wore the thong but I was unsuccessful in my attempt to get her to prove it. All sales this month from my merchandise go to the scholarship fund. Click the button above right to have gander at what tasteful items could be yours. And for such a good cause.

Many of my fellow bloggers have bought CD's this past week which directly benefits the scholarship. You can still help out if you click my CD banner at the very top of this page. Offer expires May 1. Then I'm back to working for me again.

Details and lyrics about this whole trip are coming. I just wanted to say before we hit the road again that Working with my old guitar teacher, Helen Avakian, was the biggest thrill I've had as a musician. And that includes the time I got flashed in... Helen rearranged my song Stargazer, the words of which were written by my former student and muse Kathy Feeney. I wish I had recorded it that way. It occurred to me that I need to have Helen produce some songs for me. I'm astoundingly lucky to have her offer to do that and to write some songs with me. There will be a Bud Buckley/Helen Avakian collaboration. Please check out her site and listen to her MP3s and buy her CD, Vanishing Point. Do it for your sake, not for hers. She is a gifted artist and my best friend in the music business.

I need to mention the time and dedication my son-in-law Josh Peni put into this scholarship project. He beat his hands senseless backing me on congas. Using his personal time. He did an extraordinary job and I hope to have his percussion on my next CD.
There is much to write about and many many people to thank. Which I will do in the coming days. I expect to post again by Thursday.

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