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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Yoga Under the Earth Harp

Yesterday's amazing yoga session under an earth harp has my mind and body spinning. And I'm not even gonna throw up. I'd do it again all week long if we weren't getting ready to leave here Thursday for the NY trip. Earth harp?
Right on Sarasota Bay there is this amazing Frank Lloyd Wright theater. It's purple and typically atypical. It's called Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall and rhymes with "days till" not the slinky little rodent you might be thinking of. These people strung wires from the roof of this structure down to the bay, tuned them to an A minor scale and played them while we did yoga. The vibrations penetrating our bodies while we stretched and twisted and balanced and blissed out. It was close to orgasmic. I learned a lot about which notes of the scale resonate off of which chakra's. It may be a crock to some, of course, but it certainly deserves further investigation by the serious songwriter.

Anybody know a serious songwriter? Rim shot, please.

So many songs to write. So little time left from blogging.

posted by Bud @ 6:45 AM

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