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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Coffee Land to Andy Land

Last night at Stir the Soul Coffeehouse in Venice, FL, I had a splendid time and my friend James Albritton jumped in on Congas midway through the first set. I've written nice things before about James in blogs in January. Here's what the young dude looks like. He is also a very fine singer and guitarist although he considers himself primarily a drummer. We all consider him a top talent and a terrific guy.
Bud and James Albritton

Daney Jelley is the Owner/operator of Stir the Soul. A finer human being can be found nowhere. He is one of the amazing owners I've been fortunate enough to work for. I think it's important to mention this since all musicians know there are some horrible owners to work for. Daney's an example of an excellent one. He runs a wonderful little establishment with live music every night. It has the usual coffeehouse fare and wireless computer hookup as well as an on-site computer. Here's Daney:
Daney Jelley

Finally, today, I can't say enough how much I love Andyland, home of comic juggler Andy Martello of Chicago. Andy has become a terrific friend and I find him to be hysterical to read. We're gonna go see him perform in Chicago this fall unless he decides to get a boring job in the Sears Tower. He is all over the web as a columnist and he is a funny, insightful, outrageous yet sensitive writer. He has two links in my blogroll. Or you can check him out here and here. He's plugging my CD. Hard. He's giving away cool stuff to bloggers who join his penguini posse and do a fan pic like this. But I just did it 'cause I'm a huge fan.

I also want to report again that you may meet visitors from the future at the MIT Time Travel Convention on May 7. Click the site for details. I'm dying to see if anybody in the future ever heard my songs. Time Travel Convention. So if you get there, could you ask for me please? I'm not getting north until mid June.

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