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Friday, May 27, 2005

Hawaii Five Oh What a Time (Part 1.2)

I'm not going to publish 10 pages of journal notes from our Hawaii trip. That would be like making you to sit through 400 photo slides. I will include a couple of photos and some verses of songs the trip inspired. Nothing is finished. Nothing is ever finished.

Here's a snatch of Day One. In the Tampa airport, I settle in for some deep people watching. Love my new shades. I can visually eavesdrop unnoticed. I get this right out of my notes. First draft:

Faces in the airport, roadmaps of the soul
How heavy is their baggage, I can never really know
T-Shirts telling where they've been. Eyes that write reviews
Gates now open to the sky, which one did they choose?

Not a bad start. I have more but no chorus yet. So later for that.

We hop up to Atlanta where we board a direct flight to Honolulu. That's one long ass flight. About 10 hours against the wind. That's at least four bad movies and two semi-disgusting meals. That's a small percentage of my iPod but how long can an ear take an earbud before it will swell up and burst? A movie promo comes on and they gave away the entire plot structure. What could possibly be left given that it was a romantic comedy of some sort? Not even any nudity. I turned to Cathy and said, I'm sure too loudly with those headphones on, "They told us the whole thing. WHY do the do that?" She responded just as loudly, "So we don't have to watch it?" I cracked up for a good five minutes. Cathy followed suit, trying not to wet herself. Just overtired silliness. The move was on by the time we calmed down and we realized the lead actor was talking in Spanish. We figured he was going to break into English in a second or two. But it kept going on and on. The promo had been in English. Why would the movie be in Spanish? But it was. We were dialed into the wrong channel. Another round of laughs and that movie was so over for us.

On our arrival in Honolulu, we find that sleep depravation and driving in a new city with unintelligible names, does not lend itself to matrimonial pleasantries. But we found our way to the hotel, sponged off and changed and we met Chris and Doyle on time. At this point we had been awake for about 21 hours. How two of the nicest people I've ever met can run a site called would be a puzzle for some. I expected them to be quite normal. But they were beyond normal. They were extremely nice. All three of them put up better pictures of the event than we managed to take but, it's hard to push the right buttons when you're sleepwalking AND euphoric at the same time. Here's one we got the waiter to snap.
Dinner at Dukes
Left to right are Doyle Brooks of Corporate Crap and,(MBC) Becky Pretz of April Fool and MBC Movie Reviews, my fabulous wife Cathy and me, and the amazing Christine Fron of Bitchitude and MBC.

We fell into easy conversation quickly and Cathy loved them right off. They drove us to downtown Waikiki and we met Becky of April Fool. She "got us Lei'd" or gave us leis if that's how it's put. Quite beautiful and such a sweet gesture. Becky fell right into the spirit of things and it was as if we had known each other for a long time. The five of us waited on the beach for our table to be ready at Duke's. I wrote about this yesterday but I should add the dude is a GOD in Hawaii. Oh, yeah, the food was superb too. Free salad bar with everything available. Chris and I had Huli Huli Chicken. And we all had a Huli Huli dessert. I don't know what Huli means but it was a hell of a meal.

I should mention here that Hawaiian has only 7 consonants. All those vowels make it hard for me to hear and say and spell and just deal with in general. I thought the French were bad with the over use of vowels. At least in Hawaiian, though, you do pronounce all of them. The French just put them in for decoration and to confound people with limited language ability. Like me.

The conversation at dinner was fun, articulate and easy-going. Four wise ass writers and one Cathy who is the perfect conversationalist and you know we had a large part of everybody's life out on the table in the four hours we spent together. Even at that, we all wished for more time but we were into hour number 25 of wakefulness now. We would begin slurring any minute now. Possibly drooling and talking in our sleep. So we gave them gift baggies of Florida Goodies and my CD and Becky drove us home. I STILL only got five hours of sleep. And I still keep replaying that wonderful dinner party.

Some more highlights, pictures and lyrics tomorrow.

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