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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lagged Out Thoughts From Hawaii

Back from Hawaii and writing in a state of jetlagness. I was not able to access my site from the Marriott. I was blocked because once long ago I used the word "Bestiality" in some smart-assed post. So I hadn't seen Becky and Chris the Bitchitude and Doyle (Corporate Crap)Blog until just now. They each put up some fun photos of our five-way rendezvous. There, I gave all the decency firewalls still another reason to block me from my own site. For now go to those posts and see the pics. It's a great time to link to Malicious from Bitchitude or Corporate Crap because they are running a contest with LOTS of winners. I must say that my wife, Cathy and I were charmed from the moment we got together. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to at least a passing thought that it might be a little like on-line dating services. You talk to somebody on -line for a long time, become charmed and then meet face to face to realize the other person has no face. This not being a dating situation, that wasn't my concern at all. I had no real concerns. I just wanted it to go as well as it does when we chat on-line. It was better than that, actually.

Becky got us lei'd right away. Beautiful orchid leis too. We ate an excellent dinner on the beach at Duke's. Thanks for that too, Becky! Chris and I were relieved that we could eat chicken. Chris and I don't do fish. One of the many things we have in common. This restaurant is named after Duke whose last name I won't try to spell. He was Hawaii's greatest athlete. Which is to say he was a surfer. No ordinary surfer, I'm told. Although what I know about surfing is limited to old Beach Boys recordings.

All three of these people are as intelligent and articulate and funny in person as they are in the blogoshere. Add to that how nicely they included my non-blogging wife and you have not your typical blog geek. Cathy loved them right off.

I must say that I encourage Bloggers to get together like this whenever you can. The next one I plan to meet is my pal Andy Martello of Andyland when we go to Chicago for Cathy's Birthday in early October

I will endeavor to include some pics and many more comments in the days ahead. Cathy has to download the shots she took. I have to organized my thoughts and get some sleep.

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