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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Life As a Bitch

If you've been reading me a while, you know of my enthusiasm for everything bitch. or MBC, as we call it, is a very amusing site run by Bitchitude and DB (Doyle Brooks). So they have at least five sites between them. I'm going to see them in Hawaii next week and meet Becky of April Fool as well. My pal Andy Martello of Tales From Andy Land is a regular writer on MBC as are Becky with her movie reviews.

I'm especially enthusiastic about the revived Beatz feature because it's written by Jade of Jaded Sunburns who is a very cool new Blogger friend from Phoenix and she's interviewing me for an upcoming special feature. But mostly because this looks like a must read section of MBC. Here's a link to Beatz but if my stuff isn't up yet, I'll remind you, when it is.

I highly recommend you subscribe to MBC. It's always a fun read and it's not just for women. There are different levels of membership, including FREE. I'm a paying member though because I wanted one of their cool T-shirts which came with the membership.

Another terrific writer is Marjo Moore who writes a serious column for MBC. Not coincidentally, it's called The Serious Side and the last article I see there is called, "Uncle Sam could squeeze a diamond outta his ass, he's so tight." See how serious it is?

Doyle Brooks, or DB , writes a Maliciaous Bitch Survival Guide. "What I Know About Women" in The Male Perspective: Entertaining truths about the uppity side of the female gender - for men (and women), by men.

And there are so many other useful and fun features that you'll just have to go have a look for yo'sef.

A day never goes by when I don't find another cool Blogger site from this circle of friends that started with the bunch mentioned above. I don't honestly have room to Blogroll them all. But I sure do love reading them. Maybe I'll try a rotation eventually. Which I'm sure is prompting some of you who read me everyday to say, "Rotate on this." Okay, it was just a thought. No worries.

The Free CD Contest, in case you missed, it can be entered from Sunday's blog.

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