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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Old Friends and Just Oldness

I've been meaning to show this picture for a while. This is my darling wife Cathy Lewis and I with our oldest and dearest friends on Amelia Island, Pam and Davis Turner. They are the ones on the bottom.
Cathy Lewis, Bud Buckley (T), Pam and Davis Turner

We have several very dear friends on Amelia. It's a good vibes place. The Turners are directly responsible for me becoming a performer as I've mentioned many times in this Blog and in my Bio on the main site.

I used this site to input a picture of myself to see what I'd look like in forty years. I'll let you try it for yourself.

Nice, huh? Get any ideas from that? I did. The idea is to imagine the unimanageable. Brainstorm the possibilities and the impossibilities. Consider the lyrics that might come out of that.

In forty years, I could be: Dead; Cryogenically preserved next to other people whose names begin with B; Bionically enhanced, just a terminator with an organic brain; younger as a result of having met the Devil and inventing a new musical form using brainwaves; the worlds oldest working singer songwriter, having attended the funeral of Mick Jagger; the worlds oldest barely living singer songwriter, wheelchair racing Mick; just an isolated old guy shelved and drewling on myself in a nursing home. Those are the more common if not entirely possible possibilities.

Moving on to the entirely fanciful I could be: World's oldest political prisoner arrested for smart assing the president in song; world's oldest male sex symbol having married a young plastic surgeon and getting a viagra pump implant; managing a laudromat on a space station as inflation makes my pension worth a bag of Freetos a month; playing a regular gig on a light speed interplanetary hotel, thus keeping me frozen in time; hosting an interplanetary holographic TV talk show about love with other life forms; traveling back in time to get even with Sr. Mary Confusing or to relive my most tender moments.

How to choose? Traveling back in time seems like too common a plot. Tempting but I'll pass. Love with other life forms is also tempting. The tolorance thing. We don't want to get into beastiality here. And although I do have more of the My-mother-was- a-Klingon type of thing in mind, I can't feel my way around a story that isn't Star Trek or something entirely too goofball.

The age thing is a subject that ought to be done. I'm just not sure how to approach it. We have several rock stars advanced in age. It's pretty hard to understand if old rockers attract young chicks because of the power, money and attention they have. I will dillegently search for anectodtes on attractive young chicks who run off with average looking guys living on Social Security. Maybe there has been a Jerry Springer show on this but I wouldn't know about that. Besides, can that possibly count?

I want to explore the possibility of actual love, not just attraction. I've always maintained it doesn't exist between old guys and normal pretty young women. I'm not gonna write a lyric about this until I have more data but welcome to my brainstorming process. Time for an aspirin break.

The Free CD Contest, in case you missed, it can be entered from Sunday's blog.

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