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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Shocking News From Florida

I wasn't gonna write today but I just love this story that I found on Fark from the St. Petersburg (Florida)Times. Where else but Florida? This state is so full of amazing ideas. You think Carl Hiaasen is making this stuff up? He's a newspaper guy, my friends. He sees this stuff covered everyday where he works. Maybe I should get a newspaper job just for the constant supply of material. Just buy a paper every day, you say? That's filtered stuff. I want to hear it come in on the scanner. I want to hear the reaction of the reporters. I want to see the look on the editors face when he reads the copy. Why the hell isn't there a sitcom based in a Florida newsroom? That's what I want to know.

If I start a lyric on this it'll have a chorus hook with this guys words:
Taser me. Shock me some more.
Then he ran naked out the door
Taser me, I'm ready to die
And he taunted some gun and badge guy

Maybe I need to use material like this to send to Barenaked Ladies. It's definitely their kind of material. Or Weird Al. Who else sings this kind of stuff? Let me know. I'm way behind in my listening.

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