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Friday, May 06, 2005

Trolling Fark for Lyrics

Who Are you People?
I've been getting close to 300 hits day for a while now. At least 60 a day read the blog. Who are you people? You come back every day but I don't hear from you. Nothing to comment on? Send me an e-mail through my link button or to Bud I keep having dreams about people I haven't seen in many years. is that you?

If I'm feeling a need for fresh stimulation, and I don't mean Starbucks, I troll the web to see what sparks an idea for a lyric. Sometimes I only get ideas for Blog entries but going along with yesterday's Blog about humorous, Barenaked Ladies-type material, there is this:
How'd you like to be censored by Starbucks? How'd you like to have a company who makes a few thousand percent profit on a cup of coffee, judge you to be too raunchy? If that doesn't encourage somebody to write something about value systems in conflict, I don't know what will. Be careful, the rhymes for Starbucks alone can get you banded in Texas where it is apparently illegal to mention a sex act in public at a hate monger rally college lecture.

Maybe you'd have to combine the two to avoid that kind of rhyme misdemeanor. But what rhymes with Texas?

Banned in Starbucks, In Texas I got arrested
So far my luck's been totally molested

That's the best I can do on such short notice.

What can be worse than that? How about having your song, in this case Louie Louie, banned because the lyrics are unintelligible and might be suggestive of things not normally heard at a middle school function. I've worked around kids that age all my life. Trust me, there isn't anything that might not be normally heard in this group. My friend Andy Martello, must be close to raging out at the news that Louie Louie is banned in Michigan. I can't wait to read his take on this. Keep checking his blog to see when he cools down enough to touch his keyboard without breaking it.

Finally this morning, I am deep in thought how one might fashion a lyric around Julia Roberts publicly threatening Robin Williams with a breast milk shower.

I'll shower you with breast milk
I think it's the best milk
To shut your smirking face
And pick up the pace
of this pathetic event

I've been experimenting with non rhyming lines lately. If nothing else this is a fun exercise, is it not?

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