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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Untouched Photos of Touching People

I didn't bother to Photoshop or even crop these pics. They're inspirational to me as they are. In yoga we learn inspiration comes from within and through the breath. I combine that with people and events that inspire me. These were the best gigs I ever played and this is an abreviated photo essay.

The first gig I did for the benefit of the new music scholarship at FDR high school in Hyde Park, NY, was at Ironwood Grille. Helen Avakian, my guitar teacher opened for me. This couldn't have been a bigger thrill if it was Sarah McLauglin. I love this lady. She is an amazing singer/songwriter. An extremely gifted guitarist and teacher. This is Helen opening my show.
Helen Avakian at IronWood Grille

Helen also accompanied me and sang back-up on a bunch of my CD tunes. My son-in-law Josh Peni took the day off to play congas at this gig.
At IronWood Grille

My cowriter, Kathy Feeney, hosed off after track practice and ran up the golf course to see the second half of this gig. I saw her smile like this and that's what fueled the rest of the next two gigs. It's ironic that the smile I respond to more than the air I breathe was behind the camera taking all these pics and doesn't appear here. My Cathy. Cathy Lewis. My wife.
Kathy Feeney, My cowriter

Cathy and I visited with the Feeneys and a bunch of kids I taught stopped by to chat. It was like we had only done this last about 10 minutes ago instead of a year and a half. The following day was a meeting with my voice coach, Leslie Ritter, over in Woodstock. When I sound good it's because of her. When I don't, it's because of me.

Later that day I arrived early at the CubbyHole Coffeehouse in Poughkeepsie, NY. I found my poster on the window. Name spelled right. Their homemade sign, inexplicably had me listed as "Bob Buckley." Later we erased it to read "B Buckley." All the kids who were there that night call me "B" anyway. Or sometimes "the B-ster." Or other things they don't let me hear.

Riston Benson was one of my first guitar students in NY when I was getting ready to retire from teaching fifth grade. She learns extraordinarily fast and is now a very good singer/songwriter. It was a thrill for both of us to have her open the Cubbyhole for me. Marshall Hughes another outstanding music student, a candidate for the scholarship this benefit was for, is giving her percussion. I've known both of them for years. They're going to college next year. They just knock me out.
Riston Benson Opens the Cubby Gig

Playing with Helen at the Cubbyhole was the high point of my career. She brings stuff out of me I didn't know was there. We had one short rehearsal the day before the first gig and she rearranged Kathy Feeney's Stargazer so beautifully, it became a different song to me. I'm transfixed in this shot watching her intro. All I had to do was sing. Kathy wants me to record this arrangement on the next CD. I hope Helen has a tape copy of our rehearsal so I can put it up here.
The New Stargazer

The rest of the night was pure magic. Whichcraft. I never felt better on stage. Here I'm laughing it up with the crowd, many of whom were former students.
Good Times at the Cubbyhole

Kathy Feeney arrived early to help sell CD's. She arrived as cute as usual but taking a great fashion risk by wearing one of my old ties. She had won it in an academic competition when she was 11 and in my fifth grade. It is a hideous orange and has smiling alligators on it. She always loved it. I was delighted she won it. And delighted to get rid of it. She's just as brave in every other aspect of life too. She runs cross country and track and came to this gig from a big regional meet in the cold and rain. Last I checked she's number 3 in her class but I didn't get that info from her. She could be up the list by now and wouldn't tell anybody. We've been amusing each other with words since she was 9 and in my fourth grade. Ironically, I met her when she was 6 years old and dancing around me and pulling my tie while I tried to have a conversation with her Mom and older sister. Now she's an accomplished Irish Step Dancer. The tie and dancing thing is still going strong.
Kathy Feeney and Bud Buckley

After I hugged all the fans goodbye and got booked to come back to the Cubbyhole on June 18, Cathy and I took the entourage to dinner at a Vietnamese place around the corner from Vassar College. She took this, and in fact all these shots, of Helen and I. We were both flying high. Not even sure what we ate. I'm reasonably sure it wasn't moving when we ate it, though. End of a perfect night.
After Gig Dinner: Bud and Helen Avakian

There are many more photos from the two week trip up the coast. I'll post them on my Flicker site and let you know if you are one of those people who haven't seen yourself in here and feel you ought to. I'll post them here from time to time, however, as an example of what inspires me.

I also want to report that you may meet visitors from the future at the MIT Time Travel Convention on May 7. Click the site for details. I'm dying to see if anybody in the future ever heard my songs. Time Travel Convention. So if you get there, could you ask for me please? I'm not getting north until mid June.

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