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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dealing With All Kinds of Madness

Mad as hell
Doyle Brooks is mad as hell. He's not taking it anymore. I remember when I felt that way. Well I'm still mad as hell. But I live in a place where I'm easily outvoted. I don't understand my generation. I'm not even sure I'm part of it sometimes. My generation invented rock 'n roll. My generation coined the phrase, "Don't trust anybody over thirty." My generation coined the phrases "Make love not war," "Capitalist pigs," And on and on. My generation elected a government that couldn't be further from those ideals. So while I agree with Doyle, I'm no longer willing to put myself out on a line for people to shoot at. I'm way younger than my years but I am retired. I want to live out my life happily with as little conflict as possible. But I do want my grown children to have a fair shot at the workplace.

Politics and the economy and what happens in the workplace and religion have all been balled together now. It's getting harder to discuss one without touching on the other.

I don't bet on an afterlife. I believe you can live this one morally and happily without worrying about an afterlife. If there is one, that's rather nice. If there isn't, well this one was just fine. So far. I aim to keep it that way. Without hurting anybody. That's my basic philosophy. And I'm just not gonna argue with anybody about it. So if you're preaching, please go away. If you're politicking, just let me see the REAL bottom line. Then go away. I'll vote and contribute to deserving candidates. If I were still working I'd still be a union organizer. But that time has passed.

But from time to time I do need to blow off steam. For me that usually means writing something. Some of it will never see the light of day but once in a while I'll take a risk. Why should I be embarrassed, after all? Considering some of the hate spewed venom that oozes out of the web on a daily basis by people with different views than I.

Bud Buckley copyright 2005

Parrots on a stop sign. Honeysuckle wall
Sweet smelling conflict, another subtle fall
Blinding sun in the East, storm clouds occlude West
Ride it down the middle, You can't tell what comes next

But when you're so confused you don't know what you've found
Take who and what you love and head for the underground

The air is getting filthy, so we'll call it nice and clean
The rivers run with mercury the fish are turning mean
There's killing done for freedom, we call it democracy
If it's in the name of God you can't call it hypocrisy

When your head is split with pain from all that sound
Take who and what you love and head for the underground

It's fine to get rich unless you're working with your hands
Ask for more money, your work goes to other lands
You buy that line and take pride in your work
'til your job is gone and you go berserk

When you're down so far you can't rebound
Take who and what you love and head for the underground

When you've got no place to go but down....head for the underground
Just before you come unwound......head for the underground
When your life's no better than a homeless hound.....head for the underground
When you can't sit and watch another one get crowned....head for the underground
When there is no up and there's nothing good around.....head for the underground

So I guess I'm underground but I am mad as hell. Who knows how mad I can get, Doyle?

posted by Bud @ 5:21 AM

You and I can only sing and write about what we see Bud, at our age there is really little else we can do :) Sometimes people listen... and sometimes they don't.

I don't believe in politics, nor particularly in religion... but I do believe in people standing up for themselves and each other. I don't expect or ask for anything more.

I may not always agree with what others say, but I will fight for their right to say it.

You and I are of one mnd about that, DB.
I am leaving my mad as hell imprint tomorrow, but I am of the same thought and mind of ya'll.

I, too, am mad as hell and tired of getting the shitty end of the stick!

Great lyrics, Bud!
Thanks, Jade. Hey, I can't get into your comments again. Did you change something?
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