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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Gift of Music for the Ungifted

You have an interest in music and/or lyrics. Otherwise you wouldn't be one of the 97 people who check this blog everyday. I think. If you don't play an instrument or write verse, you are just grooving on the Budster and that's fine too. Perhaps you have somebody near and dear to you who wants to play guitar or play it better or wants to write songs or do that better. I've been trying to encourage people like that. I lay it out there for all to see what I go through. But my advice and encouragement would be incomplete if I didn't share with you some of my resources.

The Amazon books listed on the right under the Blogroll are my basic workshop. I refer to these books often. I teach out of some of them. I've given several of them away as gifts. Father's day and graduation are upon us so I thought I would mention that. These are top notch learning resources. These are the best I'm aware of. There are more but I know these are useful. I know they work. I have a CD to prove it. And lots of other lyrics you've seen on this blog.

I want to feature the Pat Pattison book, Writing Better Lyrics. Pat teaches at Berklee College of Music in Boston. That is one kick ass school of performing arts. You can't spit at a meeting of top musicians without spraying somebody who went there. Pat gives many useful exercises in this book for getting down to your deepest core to write lyrics and to bang them into cliche' free lines that work. Even if it's ust poetry or prose you write, this book is a valuable resource. It's my favorite lyric writing book of all time.

If learning to play the guitar better is your goal or the goal of somebody you love, get them (or get yourself) the Fretboard Logic book or the box set. I bought the box set after I owned the book for a while. I thought the videos and the extra book (part III) were a more complete package, and I wasn't disappointed.
Give the Gift of Mu#15E53E

I must repeat my promise here that anything purchased from Amazon through this site will be eligible to win a drawing for an amazon gift certificate. But you must let me know you bought something so I'll know who to put in the drawing.
I'll repeat this offer from time to time. You can also buy my CD in one of several ways by clicking the banner at the top of the page. I'll even autograph it to the one you love.

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