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Friday, June 03, 2005

Google Abuse Victim Becomes Amazon

I may be Googled up the Caboodle (see yesterday) but now I'm an Amazonian. And since I'm also reviewed and interviewed by and subsequently a columnist for the same organization, that looks like I'm getting in touch with my feminine side. Doesn't it? I'll restrain myself here from talking about my favorite football team or complaining about jock itch.

I'm not a web huckster. I want to show you how I write. I want to get your ideas about stuff to write about. If you want to buy my music in the meantime, well fantastic! Those ads you see under my Blogroll are products I use and endorse. If I ever post any I haven't used I will tell you. You can win stuff by buying them. From Me. Yeah, I'll get something out of it too. But where else will you have a chance to also win something? I'm not talking about discontinued dollar store items here. I promise you I did not buy a container full of lifelike fruit sculptures.

Most of my ads will be music related items. Sometimes I'll have non-music books and even software and electronic devices. If I buy them and like them, I'll post them.

Every quarter, I'll get about 5% of it back in the form of Amazon gift certificates which I will return to my readers every so often in the form of a contest. Yes, I will also take some items for myself. But I'll report to you if they were any good. Or not.

Doesn't matter if you're a musician or a songwriter. You may have friends and relatives who are. It's graduation time, ya know? Buy them something useful. Just let me know if you do so I can include you in a drawing for my gift certificates.

I won't elaborate too much here but I will say that the first three books by Rikky Rooksby are extremely good. I have written songs with ideas from all three. The most universally useful book down there on the left sidebar is The Inner Game of Music. If there is anybody who is learning or practicing any instrument, they need this book. This changed my whole approach to gaining skills. The last recommendation today is for guitarists: Fretboard Logic SE, or the more complete box set below that are essential. They will expand your ability to play beyond anything you've ever done. You do not need to read music to use ANY of these products. They will make you better. End of my pitch today.

I sit far away from spillable, snortable drinks when I read Dawn at Tiny Voices Inside My Head. She never fails to crack me up. She's quitting smoking and will recommend a book to you. She's also been carping about having small boobs lately. I like small boobs. No, I am not required to say that by my wife. But Dawn was writing yesterday about a certain euphoria she was experiencing. As a sign of spring, she found some dead ducklings on her pool cover and an old guy on a motorized scooter even ogled the new fresh smelling Dawn. I wrote this lyric for her:

I'm Free

Dead ducklings and scooter rides with old guys.
But this day's not sucking and these little hooters slide
Against my soft white shirt
Kind of makes them alert
Not even the dead or near dead get inside

I'm changing my attitude and I'm free
Mr. Jones can't get hold of me
I'm kind of expensive but I'm free
I'm breathing better and I can smell the sea

Well maybe you have to know Dawn to appreciate it.

posted by Bud @ 5:03 AM

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