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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hawaii Five Oh What a Time (Final Edition)

We take a trip up toward the North Shore to the Dole Plantation. Once again the guide book is on the money. Great gift shop, wonderful ice-cream. skip the train ride. Do you really need to pay money to go into the worlds biggest hedge maze and call for a rescue party? We learned all we wanted about pineapples, had a snack and drove back through some depressing military housing areas.

Later at Alan Wong's restaurant in Honolulu, we are totally wowed by the food and the presentation. The guide book does it yet again!
Tropical Iris

Wednesday brings a much more peaceful early coffee, Wildcats and a mongoose on the beach. The latter nearly walks into me before he notices I'm there and he darts into a bush. We have a last brunch with Mic and Robert who leave earlier than us and we spend our last hours on the beach under a tiki hut.

Bird of Paradise

It was a perfect vacation. the trip home was uncomfortable as any trip of that length would be but a hell of a lot better than that of captain Cook. Besides he didn't make it back from Hawaii the last time.

Afterthought: check this out from
Golf Widow,
if you haven't seen it. Check her funny podcasts from her site too.

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