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Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm Back. I'm High. I'm Swamped

You will be relieved to know I'm back if you're a regular reader and sick to death of seeing the same blog up there for 10 days. It means something else is coming. But not just this minute. I'm still unraveling the consequences of taking a road trip away from home and blog.

Quick summary. Many retirement parties. Many meals out. Including the Roosevelt Estate's new Wallace Center and the Culinary Institute of America. One fantastic gig at which I reconnected with some former students I haven't seen in a very long time. I'll have pictures and possibly some video up for that. Lots of time with my daughter and son-in-law. Two graduations, my last class from middle school, my closest class ever from high school. I'm still an oozing sack of emotion about all of that. I need to distill it to write anything that's not too syrupy and cliche' ridden.

I had a lot of time with my pal, my music guru, my dear friend Helen Avakian and her husband Terry Champlin. We did a rehearsal, a gig, two dinners and a songwriting session. And we have a commitment to do more songwriting. I'll post the song as soon as I have a working copy. Learning to play any music that Helen writes is a challenge. She stretches me out and this is going to be a fantastic partnership for me. She also does a very credible moon walk in the parking lot after only one glass of wine.

So thanks for reading. I'll never catch up. I was not near a computer long enough to even read anybody else's blogs or answer comments. Trying to recover ten days would keep me from moving forward so I'll not even try. Onward and upward.

posted by Bud @ 6:23 AM

Welcome back!!

Rest well... looking forward to your next entry.
it sounds like the time off was well worth it... welcome back.
Welcome back Bud. Sorry I didn't get to meet up with you on this trip out. Hopefully next time! So glad it was a great trip for you. Can't wait to hear all about it... AND SEE THE VIDEO! YEAH!
Thanks for checking in folks! Still catching up but next post has some detail and a few pics. Video isn't ready yet.
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