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Saturday, June 04, 2005

"Nun With a Gun"

A lot of people thought I was exaggerating in my song Sister Mary Confusing. Many people never had the Catholic school experience that I had when I was a child. You know, the days when corporal punishment was not only legal, it was expected. Others who were there and witnessed it fall into three camps. One group has adopted Denial as a second religion and denies there was any truth to what I observed in my song. The opposing camp is still having nightmares and writing songs or possibly novels about it. The third group is strangest of all because they admit they got the living crap knocked out of them frequently. Physically and emotionally. And they think it was good for them. Not all of them work in Guantanamo.

I wonder if this news story about a nun shaking down a parking patron with a loaded gun, will do anything to change anybody's mind or just reinforce their stand on this issue. Okay it is from a FOX affiliate so it's characteristically missing a LOT of supporting facts. But true or not, it doesn't surprise me. To be fair, the headline which says "Nun With a Gun" is typical FOX-speak. She was an ex-nun. The amazing part of the story is that she was trying to open a business called "Mary's Nutz." And, typically again, FOX makes no effort to explain that.

I know only too well there are a lot of men my age who are feeling a sharp pain of remembrance at that. They were the ones who, as maturing adolescent naughty boys hadn't tucked them properly when on the business end of a paddle.

Sister Mary Nutz, Sister Mary Nutz
Got her name from paddling butts
If you didn't know enough to tuck 'em
You weren't gonna use them for ....

Well, you get the idea. This could be for Nunsense the Sequel. It's way too creepy for me to finish.

posted by Bud @ 5:32 AM

Ohh, that is a tad freaky. I'll have to admit, while I've no experience with the NUN thing, I've no reason to disbelieve what you and my husband have spoken about regarding this issue! All I can say, is as bad as I thought my own teachers growing up were, they were never like a nun!
'Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect up?' was scary enuf for me! :P
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