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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Stumbling Around In My Cluttered Mind

Danger, safety equipment required.

I used the Pattison worksheet I mentioned yesterday to come up with synonyms and rhymes for "Power from misunderstood things are deadly dangerous." Maybe memoirs at the end of the world is the approach I can take. Or now that we've reached the end, we could either start and do it all over again. Or we could put it in reverse and pick up every warning sign we knocked down. That begs a car and driving metaphor. How red-neckish or Springsteenish. Been there. Done that. But Rick did it SO nicely recently. Can't touch that without outright thievery.

Maybe best switched to a spacecraft metaphor. Ground Control to Major Tom? Naaa, need a new metaphor. Not prison or the later two ideas. End of what? Come on, baby, let me take you on a sea cruise? Bobby Darren, anybody? Is everything a cliche'?

Okay there's dieting--ignoring all the danger signs toward morbid obesity. Popular subject these days and highly offensive to a majority of our population. There's catching an STD. Might try that. Don't know if it's been done. Ignoring the health risks to cancer and or heart disease? How to keep this from sounding like a public service ad for the surgeon general may be difficult.

So by process of elimination a straight out end of the world theme is the way to go. Leave out the motor vehicle references, Bubba. Creating helpful new strains of bacteria may be hazardous to our health. Remember, as per yesterday's blog, this is for an imagined soundtrack.

End of the World
Copyright By Bud Buckley 2005

He said he could promise endless potency,
Not leave a mark on the land
He said just vote with me,
His voice like sharks in sand

At the end of the world, there's no time to think
Try as you might you can't find the link
Between what's wrong and what seemed so right
The end of the world is one long dark night

Even though we grew too fat,
We refused to call it guzzling
We looked for some magic that
Made life on earth less puzzling


But our magic became fatal
Our situation became so grave
There's even a pox on the rocks prenatal
We were slave to the way we behave

(Chorus and out)

As always, I'm out on a limb with a rough first draft. Looking for input and reaction. These things always undergo changes as I sleep on it and attempt to add music. Make the lines fit the music. That often changes a lot. Okay, have fun with it. Let me know what you think.

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