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Thursday, June 09, 2005


Nobody ever told me that swimming with dolphins is considered harassment. Should I turn myself in or has the statute of limitations run out? That's one nice thing about the PETA folks. I shouldn't expect a car bomb from them if they read this. I told hundreds of people, including some marine biologists that I would swim with dolphins in the Atlantic every morning. Nobody ever pointed out I was breaking the law. I finally read it someplace. So I'm sorry. Please do not PETA me to death.

These thoughts come to me on the day that our sale of our Amelia Island beach condo is official. We bought the place about 8 years ago and spent vacations there when we weren't renting it out. My ritual to walk and run on the beach to watch the sunrise made me realize that the dolphins were so close I could swim with them. So eventually I did. And then I did it every day. I never touched one or went in if there were young ones with mothers.

I thought that was very wise. That was also before I understood that it was feeding time for sharks. The year Florida had all that bad news about shark bites ended this practice for me. A decision made for me by my wife who did the math and realized I'm underinsured. And too good a catch to give up to a shark, I would hope.

Owning vacation rental property from far away is very taxing on one's nerves. And very taxing as in skyrocketing taxes. They doubled at least twice. We never made a profit on that place while we owned it. But it was a muse for me. I wrote a lot of songs there. The most memorable is Windswept Girl. Written almost entirely on the beach and in the condo, watching the waves. I wrote the music to First Time Home there. I wrote One Before the Last there. That was just before we returned home to teach the year before the last year. I wrote To Be Alone there. I wrote some newer stuff there too. A lot of it will be on the next CD. I'll put up some rough cut samples here.

I never did write a song about swimming with dolphins. At some point I looked at my notebook and thinking, "Jimmy Buffett has already written all anybody wants to hear about the beaches in Florida." So I have several notebooks with verses that will be mined for ideas but not produced wholly as still more sun and sand songs. My co-writer, Kathy Feeney, wrote a good one recently, though. Open Shore. I did the music.

Chatting with Lisa of Bored Housewife about her recent inspiration to our lyric Cruel in Utah (see yesterday), I realized that my muse has been shifting this past year. It used to be the beach and particular people I would think of. Blogging about songwriting is in itself a kind of muse. And I run into people who write things that set me off the way Lisa did. I know there will be more from her and from others of my fellow bloggers who are gorgeous writers.

So that's it for Amelia. It was fun, girl. You gave me so much. I didn't leave my footprints in your sand but that's as it should be.

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