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Monday, June 13, 2005

Unusual News Items, The Muse of Musical Comedy

Nakedness, excrement, unusual weaponry and anything to do with cats. These are automatic news items even on a busy news day. Even more so, of course, if an elected official or a media idol, is getting naked, blowing snot chunks, commenting on a weapon or doing anything with a cat.

You can't write a serious song about people riding naked through the streets of London to protest oil dependency. At least I can't. And I agree with both nakedness AND our over dependence on oil.

The next time I have one of my frequent little stunt accidents, I want to be serviced by a naked chinese woman doctor. Then and only then might I attempt to write a song about it. And I'll only describe her eyes, her smile and her voice, not her perky little human thermometers.

The temptation is formidable to write a song about a bad BAD song and tie it into the sound assault weapon the Israelis are using against the Palestinian settlements. But I don't knock other musicians. Even when they clearly suck and could actually have their music used as a weapon. But this sounds so much like a bad sitcom. They never should have let the Israeli army have satellite TV.

Impossible to get a lyric out of gigantic balls of oceanic snot. Scientists are just now learning what they are. I also couldn't get a lyric out of President Bush (The original, not the sequel as Andy Martello puts it) vomiting on the Chinese premier. I can't even find a clean web reference to that incident now. But I remember it. It was a hit on SNL, that's for sure. Which is a clear sign that we're talking Musical comedy here.

Some folks point out that my Sister Mary Confusing is musical comedy. But I was serious.

It should not be any news to anybody who has ever owned a cat that they control us. The fact that they actually infect our brains is only slightly more surprising. But I think there's already a comic strip about that. See? Comedy.

I love comedy. I just don't think it's my best genre as a writer. Although there are some people who may find my lyrics laughable, it's unintentional. Most of the time.

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