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Friday, July 08, 2005

First the Swedes Now the Chinese

This news story out of China got me thinking about contrasts in culture. Don't miss the last paragraph and the editorial comment attached to the story. Yesterday we had a look at a law promoting the gawking up women's skirts in Sweden. Today we are expected to be shocked by the news that Chinese women can get into an amusement park half price if they wear a mini skirt.

Imagine a marriage counselor for a troubled couple, the husband Swedish, the wife Chinese. This has musical comedy written all over it. But I'm NOT going there today. It is fascinating that a liberal pacifist nation values rather open sexual mores, while an uptight communist nation with a more violent history condemns showing skin. There are too many questions and only half-assed answers for me to get further involved in this.

I wonder if Bruce Sprinsteen had this in mind when he wrote "I'm On Fire." Does anybody but me question this bride-to-be's judgment in accepting this flamer's proposal? Is she wondering what anniversaries might be like? Instead of make-up sex will there be partially loaded firearms involved?

Honey, if you think my proposal was a flamer
Wait to you see our anniversary
You know I can't do nothin' tamer
That could avoid a ride in a hearse for me

I'm on fire but you ain't seen nothin' yet
You drive me insane and this is what you get
I'm on fire and it and it's understood
There'll be a hospital in our neighborhood

This is probably a punk song, huh?

Sorry, this is how I amuse myself when I have nothing good to write.

posted by Bud @ 5:27 AM

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