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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Helpful Input and the Non-Thong Picture

Input from all my blogger pals has been extremely helpful. Thanks to all who chipped in an opinion. Consensus is that I should use more pics and other media and accomplish this while reducing the file size. I'm working on it. Cathy will take some shots of my gig today and we'll see what happens.

Cathy Baker-Feel My Love TanktopHere's one shot for experimentation. This is my Friend Cathy Baker who taught with me in NY. She's wearing the Feel My Love tank top to one of the Benefit Concerts I did up there in April. Yes, April in NY means you wear a sweater too. The back story here is that another mischievous friend gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, "Cathy Baker is wearing the Feel My Love Thong." Mrs. Baker and I have a history of teasing the crap out of each other. So when she arrived and I gave her generous hug, I stage whispered several times loudly, "Show me your thong, show me your thong." I looked up to see her husband, Jeff standing within handshaking distance behind her. So I shook his hand without letting go of the hug and stage whispered, "Never mind, never mind." I left it to her to straighten all that out.

At today's Bella Luna Cafe gig, for the first time, I'm going to perform Cruel In Utah, a song I wrote based on a blog from BoredHousewife, AKA Lisa. The coolest images in the song are Lisa's. I rearranged them into a lyric and added some images of my own to make it work as a story. I'll post the MP3 soon but I'm sure it'll undergo more revision. I think I'll do more of that on this blog with the understanding that none of this stuff is finished. I'm just gonna put up what we call work tapes in the music business. They aren't even demos but many of you have been curious to hear what I'm working on rather than just read about it. I have a few more steps to get this organized.

Let me know how this picture loads. I tried cutting the pixels in half.

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