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Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm Busy Everywhere

I've been so busy I didn't realize I was also simultaneously romping it up in Cyberia.
I apparently got married to Miss Vicki. Vicki and Bud sim WeddingMiss V, I know you're busy too but did we register anyplace? I also impregnated the latter Philly Girl and I believe I did the same to Anne Marie. AnneMarieBarfing in SimThis is all quite a shock to both me and my wife as I had a vasectomy about 29 years ago. Here in Florida and all over the Bible Belt, I should imagine, there are huge billboards with a Reverse Vasectomy ad. I wonder if I called that 800 number in my sleep. What a disappointment that would be for the Theocracy if I were to spawn a heathen child.

And my wife cried, Reverse your Vasectomy?
Give that phone the heck to me.

I swear I'm working on some real lyrics and tunes lately. That was just to amuse myself.

Speaking of odd things involving babies, what do you name a baby that is born in a toilet? Flushing? Porcil Annie? Do you nickname it Old Yeller or Crapper?

I'm always lethargic the day after a gig. So, no, I didn't record anything for you to listen to. But today's a possibility.

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