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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Legal Eager Beaver

Okay, here's a bit of cultural difference for which I really need more explanation. The Swedish Parliament has not only legalized looking up ladies skirts, they promoted it with a glass floor for all to enjoy. Read this and see if you don't have some of the same questions I have.

First of all, how did the proposal for such a law come to be? Were people being charged with illegal peeking?
I'd like to sneak a peek right up your skirt
We need a law that's raw, so I can flirt in this tantalizing fashion.

Jag skulle lik till smyga en kika rtt upp till din kjol Vi nd en lag den dr er r , s JAG kanna flirt i denne tantalizing moden

I'm working on inner rhyme schemes and extending past the final rhyme but this is only gonna be a song the Swedish can appreciate apparently.

Secondly, don't they have enough skin mags and porn and strip joints in Sweden? Is this law like a poor man's peepshow?

Honey, I'd give you every dollar for a peek down your collar or a peek through your shirt
But now it's legal and it's free to go on a visual spree with a gander up your skirt

Honung , JAG skulle ger du varje dollarn fr en kika ned din krage eller en kika igenom din skjorta Utom nu den er laglig och den er fri till frutstt en visuell festen med en gskarl upp din kjol

Thirdly, how little do I actually understand about female psychology to wonder why these Swedish woman get off on showing their undies or lack there of?

I crave a good shave and stay in the pink
I might add some light so I can give a good wink

JAG lngta efter en god raka och bli inne den skr JAG makt tillgga ngot ljus s JAG kanna ger en god blink

And fourth but probably not finally, I wonder if equal rights legislation can be far behind. Will men be given the right to flash? Ending the uniqueness and fun of career raincoat-wearing perverts in Sweden?

I used to flash my stash for a thrill
Now it's more fun to be long in the thong with a pill
Every Tom, Dick and Rik is airing out their package
So now it's fun to hide my gun and obscure my backstage

JAG anvnd till blixt min stash fr en spnning Nu den er mer nje till vara lng inne om thong med en piller
Varje Tom Dick och Rik r airing ute deras packe S nu den er nje till djurhud min pistol och dunkel min underhand

I'm certain something was lost in the translation.

But I needed to come up with an exercise for a course I'm taking on different kinds of rhyming. Thank you for providing me with something out of the ordinary. Even though this will never go another line. Unless, of course, somebody wants me to develop it into a comedy sketch. You reading this Andy?

posted by Bud @ 6:11 AM

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