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Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Naked Tickler

Some headlines like this one scream to be songs. So here's what spilled out of me as I read the story:

Lock to shoot, you won't get much sleep tonight
Wear combat boots and tuck your feet in tight
On safety issues I'm not a stickler, but
He won't dismiss you, The Naked Tickler

The Naked Tickler, There's nothing sicker
Must be sipping some strange elixir
You better beware of the Naked Tickler
Yeah, you better beware of the Naked Tickler

New Smerna Beach is a suburb of Daytona. The Naked Tickler just may be some deranged NASCAR fan looking for stimulation between races. It is also the site of many shark attacks from a couple of years back. So it could just be some surfer who had his board shorts bitten off by a denizen of the deep. You have to get your kicks somehow.

Florida is a wonderful place for other reasons. But you can see why Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey NEVER run out of material?

Yesterday's gig at Bella Luna Cafe in Venice, FL, was fun as always. I do love that place.
Bud Buckley at Bella Luna2 I'll be back there in a couple of weeks to entertain for their Customer Appreciation Day. They're having a free wine tasting during my gig. Earlier in the day there will be free mini muffins with their Award Winning Coffee. They were recently voted Best Coffee in Venice.

I did perform Cruel in Utah for the first time since I reworked it. See yesterday's post if you are in the dark here. I had performed an earlier version at Stir the Soul a couple of weeks ago. I'm playing Stir the Soul again on Thursday and intend to give this new improved version a twirl. If I have a moment or 300 to spare during the week, I'll record a work tape and post it here. Did I ever mention how slow I am at learning new stuff? Paying for studio time is out of the question for me. I do it here or it doesn't get done. I'm kind of on the short bus of musicians.

I did write a spontaneous blues lyric today, though, for a customer. He was telling a story about how his 92 year old mother was sick and rather tired of living but had an amazing sense of humor. He wrote her a birthday card with a fake gift certificate to Dr. Kevorkian. She got quite a howl out of it. I would have liked to have known her. Anyway, I came up with:

She's old She's old, and she's no more workin'
She's old She's old, and she's no more workin'
Screw the Birthday cake, Call Doctor Kevorkian

I guess you had to be there. They thought it was a pisser.

Also Sherry, one of the owners, asked me to write a Bella Luna Song. And so I will.

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