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Monday, July 11, 2005

One Man's Hurricane is Another's Sunny Day

Sitting here in South West Florida, I'm breathing easier because the second hurricane in a row passed us by without knocking any palms loose. I had to let a little water out of the pool. Probably wasted some chemicals. I think my lights flickered once but not enough to have to reset the digital clocks. Or I could have just been yawning.

While I'm thinking this and glancing out the window at the sunshine on Sunday. The northern gulf coast was getting hammered again with a category 4 hurricane. Dennis the Friggin' Menace. My sigh of relief becomes their gasp for air.

London celebrates victory of winning the Olympic bid and has to lick its wounds twelve hours later after multiple bombings.

A London paper releases a secret document announcing a scale back of troops in Iraq creating enormous relief for the loved ones of soldiers while there are news stories about another beheading.

Jobs are up but lack of medical insurance is a national crises.

We go could go on and on. We live in a world of yin and yang. Squeeze the ball in one spot and it pops out in another. Always seems to be an equal opportunity for evil and hardship vs. goodness and joy to have their day.

Our sanity hinges on how we perceive that balance. Bank account half full or half empty? I'll always be at the bottom or there's no place to go but up? My personal preference is to set a goal and keep it clearly in mind so that there is no place to go but up. If you go where you're looking.

I hope my lyrics reflect that. At least most of the time. Everybody deserves a good scream once in a while. UndergroundandFrozen Shadows are two of my screams. Dreams That Matter and Windswept Girl take a more positive approach. I think I should try to keep my ratio of anguished scream songs to uplifting hopeful songs at about a 1 to 5 ratio. The one is enough therapy.

So I'm not writing about terrorists or hurricanes this week. Besides I have my hurricane song published already. I ought to pitch that to Nashville since they're getting so much bad weather. It's not a country song but they could do what they want with it. If they want to pay for it.

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