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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sim Drummer

Bud Buckley, Independent recording artist, blogger, performer and Sim character. I am NOT going to get myself addicted to Sim games but I'm delighted to see I'm a character in one. Panthergirl at The Dog's Breakfast, has been putting all her blogger pals into sim games and posting the scenarios on this site. She has me playing drums just to stretch myself out in the first episode. You'll have to scroll down a few entries. Xtessa did my sim as part of Panthergirl's project.

It amazes me when people seem to be in my head. One of my early guitar teachers was a drummer named Don Abrams. I should try to find Don. Last time I talked to him was around 1985. He was selling meat in San Diego. Earlier, in the mid seventies, he was actually my student teacher when I was a clinical prof at SUNY New Paltz Campus School. It was a cool gig. Lots of title and fun, light on the money. But I started taking lessons from Don and the amazing thing was his studio apartment was the basement of a funeral home. For a couple of years, I would go there after school on a Friday and rock n' roll with a wake going on just above our heads and across the driveway. "Are you sure this is okay?" I never failed to ask. And Don never failed to answer, "I paid my rent!"

We often went for pizza afterward. First climbing up the basement steps and reverently nodding our heads to the mourners. Sometimes they looked at us as if we were vermin emerging from the depths. Vermin with guitar case. I think that's a Salvador Dali painting. If it isn't, Aymiee, get started. Could I possibly write a lyric about that? Yeah, I can hear you already, Becky, anybody who can write about sea snot can write about rockin' during a wake. Don would walk me back to my car parked next to the mourners. Belching and licking pizza sauce from his mustache. Pizza stained vermin with guitar case.

But Don was a drummer and he taught me guitar like a drummer. All rhythm. I did stretch myself out, Panthergirl and Xtessa, and you made me dive into that fun memory with your clairvoyance. He made me play drums sometimes to find the beat. Don actually played drums with Jesse Winchester when they were draft dodging in Canada. I liked Jesse a lot. I just recently found his Rhumba song. That was a hoot. Now that I know how to rhumba, it would be fun to do that song. Can't remember enough of the music, though. Maybe I'll find the tape and maybe it won't be melted. And maybe Karl Rove will turn himself in for prosecution for blowing the cover on one of our spies.

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