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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Song About Denial

I'm not bubbling with the thrill of having done my civic duty here over the past couple of days. I feel like I've been forced to choose between the only two unpalatable entree's at a roach infested greasy spoon diner. And if I ever put up a lyric with that metaphor you'll know where it came from. Although my experience is not one I care to write about in any detail. Not any more than I'd care to write a song about a colonoscopy.

Colonoscopy Song

They went up the tube to have a look around
Turned the corner and said, "ooo, look what we found!"
We'll just reach out and snip it, see what we can see
You can lie there with an an IV drip and watch it on TV

Colonoscopy, fun as can be
The best drugs and reality TV
Colonoscopy, Colonoscopy

Once again, I've produced musical comedy. Make an offer and I'll finish it. Otherwise it's just a passing commentary. Which, by the way, is fine with me.

The details of the case I sat on were upsetting enough to avoid wanting to talk about them. I should be excused from duty for at least two years rather than one for having been on that particular jury. And although the judge was excellent and the facility was first rate, the system is suffering from the less government syndrome.

When taxpayer groups scream about paying for government services they never consider that the very things they hold near and dear, like the criminal justice system, do not run efficiently with less personnel. The state's case was very poorly organized. When a law officer has a caseload for two, mistakes are going to be made. When the rate of pay is pathetic, the best people are not going to compete for jobs. The prosecution is forced to present a case around neglected procedure and inarticulate testimony. The jury is left to assume in some cases what should have been proven with proper police procedure. When you send a person to jail, you want to walk out of there feeling like there was ironclad evidence. Some people are good at constructing walls of illogical assumptions to justify their actions. I wonder if they sleep well or if they are so wired to denial that their conscience just yawns and rolls over.

That's where the song should be. A song about denial and the abandon of logic. The dependence on assumption and prejudice to justify your thoughts ideas and actions. Songs about abstract ideas are sleep inducing. Songs like that move people to change the station, eject the disc, start a loud conversation about power tools. So naturally the song writer going down that avenue must construct an interesting metaphor.

I'm tempted to work on a list song here.

Don't call me garbage picker, I'm a recycling rep
Don't call me a thug, you better watch your step
Don't call me ass man , I'm a proctologist
I won't say you're tasteless for that jock that you kissed

If you say it, it must be true
And you can believe anything you want to

This is pretty weak but that's the vein I would take. I'm not going to expend the effort while I'm still trying to get this bad taste from my mouth, illogical echoes from my ears, nagging doubts from my mind. All that is exhausting. Check in if you think I should continue.

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