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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Dial-up Sucks

Bud and Davis1
As reported here a couple of months ago, we sold our Amelia Island Condo. Our realtor, graciously gave us her condo for the week to give us a chance to properly say good-bye to this beautiful place on the Atlantic and to so many dear friends. Thursday night we went to see our dearest friends, Davis and Pam Turner at their gig in O'Kane's Irish Pub. This is the first place I ever played publicly and it was Davis who insisted I start performing. I owe him everything. He and Pam are the king and queen of performers here.

There are no better or more generous people. Davis claims to know nothing about music theory and can't put a name to half the "college chords" he plays, he is astounding. I tune my guitar a step low so I have more range in certain songs. I capo up to standard pitch for most songs. Without the capo it's impossible to follow my hands for jamming purposes if I'm playing open chords. Please excuse the guitar geek I'm not capoed and he never heard the song before. I only played one song the entire night that he did know and he was so on top of on every tune. The man plays his ass off. He has no web site and nothing more than a country demo with a few other friends but he's better than anybody in Northern Florida. I stood next to him one night in the bar when his old boss in the shipyard crane business offered him $100,000 a year to come work with him. Davis dismissed him quickly and said, "If I can't play music, I won't be happy."

Cathy shot a little video with her Canon G5. That link is NOT here because I'm on dial-up. It is SO Fred Flintstone it makes me glad I sold the condo. Most of us could never play like Davis Turner even if we stopped doing everything else but play for the rest of our lives. That can be said about many fantastic professional guitar players. But they're mostly touring for the big bucks. Davis and Pam would rather be happy.

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