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Monday, August 22, 2005

Naked Running Burning Man

Amelia Sea Oats

Amelia's Empty Beach
Blogging on vacation? It's a bit like forcing somebody to sit in your living room and watch a few hours of slides. This is basically a good-bye tour. We've done most of our goodbyes as of yesterday. We'll miss a few. The one I don't want to miss is my sensuous goodbye to the beach before sunrise. It has to be sensuous by nature. I'll keep my shorts on. Although it's such a solitary experience at that time of the day, I could run screaming, naked and on fire for miles before anyone would notice. Amelia Island may be the only stretch of beach in Florida like that. I'm not sure but it's the only one I've seen.

On more mornings than I can count over the last eight years, it was my ritual to walk and run before the sun and swim with the dolphins when I could see them. The walking part often produced lyrics or just fragments. I took a pad with me. Windswept Girl was written entirely on the beach. So was One Before the Last. Many others were composed in the condo while watching the beach.

So tomorrow morning I intend to do my last Amelia Island beach-before-sunrise-jaunt. I won't be looking for a song but sometimes they just find me.

posted by Bud @ 8:36 AM

It looks so beautiful!

Great running naked and on fire down the beach! Is there a song there????? LMAO
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