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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Now is Forever

At Bella Luna w/ Jessika's T-shirt-1 Last Saturday, as promised, I wore Jessika's T-shirt to my Bella Luna gig. She gave it to me for a humor piece I submitted to her site. It says "Humorous Writer" in several languages, front and back. And of course, Jessika's patented smile.

A recurring theme with me is the loss of old friends. That's the way it is when you have been a teacher for so long. I feel like I planted thousands of seeds and don't get to see often enough how they are doing. I found this opening line toward the end of
Tawni O'Dell's book Coal Run. It resonated with me instantly and turned into this:

Now Is Forever
It's never too late to be told you're not forgotten
It's never too late to know how much you counted
Faded dreams live among the rotten
Letters from old lovers show you are surrounded
The now is forever where it meets the past
The now is forever where it meets the past

The last bit about time is inspired by an onging conversation I've had with my co-writer Kathy Feeney for some years about the nature of time and space. She's becoming an astronomy major. It figures. I'm just a latent time traveler. And Now I'll most likely take FOREVER to finish this lyric. But then another way to look at it is, I have forever to do it. No rush.

posted by Bud @ 5:26 AM

Great T-shirt!

The song left me with chills. That is exactly what people need to remember, because no matter what it isn't ever too late, unless you wait so long due to pride, fear, what have you and you miss the other person's last breath all together.

Great lyrics.
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