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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sister Mary Confusing

I'm on record many times for slamming the nuns who taught me. There were some very good ones, I must mention. There were even several I taught with early in my career who were wonderful. I was even related to a first rate nun by marriage. The best ones, to my knowledge with a few possible exceptions are either dead or no longer in the convent. My song Sister Mary Confusing is about a composite character I used to goad my students into working hard. Whenever they would groan about the work load I gave them, I'd tell them what Sister Mary Confusing would do to them. They would get a laugh and get back to work until they thought of other clever ways to manipulate me. If my guitar was with me at work that day, it would be multiple requests to sing Rocky Raccoon to them.

Sister Mary Confusing3

Sister Mary Confusing2

Sister Mary Confusing 1

Some of my most perceptive students bought me little nun gifts. I have a trio of squeezable nuns who I call the Supremes. The were given to me by four girls who are going off to college this year. They were in fifth grade at the time. You can see that many kids loved squeezing the squeaky little things over the years. Paint's chipping off. Those girls can be seen in the Rocky Raccoon video from my last NY gig.

There are two Nunzillas that shoot sparks and lumber toward you threateningly if you wind them up. One of them apparently suffered from spontaneous combustion. Probably a result of thinking impure thoughts. Anyway she vaporized. She did not ascend into heaven. I'm quite sure there's a warm spot in hell with her name on it. Recently, my pal and former colleague Cathy Baker sent me a small inflatable Sr. Mary Discipline that you can knock down like a punching bag. The wrapper mentioned that you can get much larger ones. For a deeper satisfaction when you punch the crap out of them, I would assume. I'm gonna suggest they get some of those at the Y in the weight room. This will do the trick when the serenity of yoga just isn't working.

There' s low quality video clip of me performing the song in NY in June here.

To just hear a clip of the song clickhere or at CDBaby. If you are inspired to buy the CD, I'd recommend using my Sounds link on the left of this page since it's actually cheaper and I'll sign it for you.

Finally, my talented guitar student Jim Salhoff who is also a songwriter, was inspired to draw this series of Sr. Mary Confusing Drawings. Such was my life.
Jim's Sister Mary Confusing #1 Jim's Sister Mary Confusing #3 Jim's Sister Mary Confusing #2

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