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Thursday, August 04, 2005

You MOVE ME With Your Concern

Thanks for your outpouring of kindness yesterday. I'm not blocked, though. I never say blocked. Unless I've eaten five pounds of cheese and some plaster of paris.

I posted this lyric many times. I'm posting a first draft work tape of the song below. It's one of the rare times I wrote something while riding my bike far from home without a note pad. I managed to keep most of it in my mind until I got home. You can still see the sweat marks on this song. Which is to say I did it in a rush. But I have performed it many times live and always get a good reaction.

I think there's a fair amount of air in the verse lines. Enough for some second guitar riffs. I didn't even attempt to write those yet. I just played it like it came to my fingers. I think of this piece as kind of evolutionary in my quest to get more air in. I wasn't really thinking about it so it wasn't "intelligent design!" Still want to write something with shorter phrases. Kathy Feeney and I are working on one right now that may achieve that. Which may be by design but neither of us would make a claim for great intelligence.

But this one, Move Me, is an early attempt just to get the air in. I think if you compare it to "That's the part of you that doesn't want to love me." you'll understand the difference I'm talking about here.

So here's both the the dial-up version and the broadband version. Lyric printed for you again below.

Love to know what you think:

Click Here for Dial-Up Low Fi version

Clicxk Here for Broadband Hi-Fi version

Copyright 2005 Bud Buckley

She said, write me, sing me something deep, not low
She said, If you want to move me than you got to know
Some literary words, and a clever use of verbs
And If you want me you have to move me
Oh move me, move me, move me. Move me, move me, move me
Sing me words that move me

She said, I love it when you say things I never heard before
I'm charmed beyond control by your use of metaphor
You can have me for a sonnet and a thoughtful simile
And if you want me, you have to move me
Oh move me, move me, move me. Move me, move me, move me
Tell me words that move me

I said, look at me, darlin', dive into my eyes
My hands around her waist, my heart's of some great size
I say what I feel but I need you to just feel me
And If my words move you, well that moves me
I'll talk with my hands, and you can do me
I'll sing you deep and low, just move me
Oh move me, move me, move me. Move me, move me, move me
Touch with words that move me
Oh move me, move me, move me. Move me, move me, move me
Give me words that move me

posted by Bud @ 5:10 AM

I love this! This is really a great song Bud! You are so inspiring to me. Thank you.
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