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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Afterthought on Growing Up

I hear less and less from former students as they grow older. I remember sharing their anguish about dealing with middle school and then later high school. Most of the problems were caused by the quest for acceptance. Most had a hard time understanding that even the so called popular kids felt isolated at times. I tried to talk many many kids through this. Tried to get them to rethink their wanting to behave outrageously just to get attention. Some of them already understood this and just needed my reassurance. Some of them needed to be talked out of doing idiotic stuff. Some of them didn't listen at all and cut me off. I've had this lyric bouncing around in my head and in and out of several notebooks for years. I have a few older kids struggling with various issues now. A few who survived the wars and are leading normal lives. But they remember our discussions. There are a few who I can only guess about. But this is for all of them:

fire hairAfterthought
By Bud Buckley, Copyright 2005

Ignorance is bliss unless you're the one ignored
I just want some of this, don't have to be adored
I'd set my hair on fire to show what I can do
But you're inspired to say, Oh, it's only you

What's a guy have to do to get on your A-list?
In your mind, I'm in this blue and gray mist
It's not with me or about me when you laugh a lot
I'm only an afterthought, an afterthought
I try so hard to show you what I got but I'm only an Afterthought

I sing your praises, I sing your theme
I turn clever phrases, I'm on your team
But I fall on deaf ears and your eyes are blind to me
I've spent my best years and you just malign me


You think I'm gonna dissolve, you think I'll evaporate
You think the world revolves in your lap for a taste
Well here's a news flash that you may find disgustin'
But I refuse to crash and burn, don't mind if I bust in
chorus and out

posted by Bud @ 5:39 AM

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