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Monday, October 10, 2005

The Naked Half Truth

I'm a weird news junky. I used to be a straight news junky but it got too weird. So I decided if I want to read about weirdness, I'd rather read about low life people getting weird instead of politicians and other formerly respected professionals. It's less shocking. You expect weirdoes to act strange. You don't expect the president telling people God made him do it. And then denying it. Lucky he had a fundamentalist Arab to cover for him.

So the weird news sites I haunt are amusing but I've been seeing a trend lately. It happened even before I did the naked tickler post and aborted lyric. Go ahead and search naked in the Google News. You'll see a lot of nakedness going on out there. Naked guys in stores seems to be a popular trend. Just check here and here and here. Naked guys trying to pick up young chicks seems to be catching steam too. Or old chicks in the case of the naked tickler. Live nakedness as artistic statements in public places has been getting some play too. Women are now taking the trend to make some ballsy money out of the naked guy trend. And I understand Janet Jackson is getting naked on purpose these days.

I'm trying to understand what this trend means. More importantly, I'm trying to squeeze a lyric out of it. Nakedness is often used as an allegory for truth and disclosure. Unless you get all biblical, then it's shame and guilt. It can also indicate freshness or newness, like babies.

Bush naked I'm so tempted to write a parody of the Emperor's New Clothes where President Bush appears naked at a press conference and proclaims that God told him to wear this new outfit. Railing against the liberal media who he is certain will report otherwise. There, I said it. But I'm not gonna write it. Be my guest if you want. Maybe it'll turn up in the Borowitz Report.

For a serious lyric, I'd attempt to write something about either truth and disclosure or guilt or newness without ever using the word naked. I love that kind of a challenge.

I want you to believe me I've shown you all I've got
There's nothing beneath me, I'm done and I'm caught
I need you to discover me, be my lover and cover me

Stuff like that off the top of my head is just meant to get me started. It rarely ends up in the same form. When you can't think of anything to write. Just write anything. You never know what'll happen.

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