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Friday, October 28, 2005

Power Corrupts

I wonder if it's even possible to stay clean in the highest reaches of government and business? I don't say that to forgive anybody for what's going on there today. A scum bag is a scum bag is a scum bag. We've elected lots of them on both sides of the aisle.

I have always believed that an oral affair with an intern does not belong in the same category with lying about the justification for war where 30,000 civilians and 2000 of our brave young soldiers are killed. This is coming while there is a $300 billion deficit, an inability to respond to emergencies at home (like three chicks named Katrina, Rita and Wilma), loss of our best jobs to overseas interests, the denial about our rape of our natural resources, loss of respect from the rest of the world, and a theocracy on the verge of taking complete control of our lives. And there is so much more. Who would want to get elected to fight and change all that? What kind of a person wants to do that job? More to the point, what would that person have to do to get that job? Probably play dirtier than the party in power. Dirtier than Karl Rove? Is that humanly possible? And yet I find myself tempted to root for just such a person to balance things out. I feel so soiled.

That's really what my song Underground is all about.

I guess I'll update this when I see who gets indicted today.

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