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Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Song I forgot About and One for Yesterday

Here's a lyric I never thought I'd let see the light of day, Written in February of 2004. I forgot all about it and strangely enough started another by the same name about a race horse after yesterday's entries. When I found the dog one I stopped writing the horse one. I guess they're both country tunes, given the subject matter. There's two strikes against me. I have no desire to become a political writer. My politics are pretty obvious but I don't have a compulsion to put it out there. I think what's going on in Washington could be anybody. This is about who's there now. I do think it's amusing to listen to the outrage over the fuss everyone is making and cries of self righteousness from the right. Somebody even had the nerve to carp about how much the Plame investigation costs. All this as if they never had run Clintongate up into the multimillions over a BJ. There are already lots of amusing songs about that.

Goowby was a wise ass dog. The Family took him in
He'd raise hell with a carefree smirk and swear it wasn't a sin
He wasn't known for brains, but he came from a fortunate litter
When his father went down before his time, Goowby was the pinch hitter

Goowby would do just about anything to gain your affection
He could steal your money, he could steal your mind,
He could even steal an election

Like all dogs he found friends who'd wink and pay his way
To look at him you might not see who gets whom to fetch and stay
He could get away with chewing things up and pissing where he stood
With that clever smile, people figured it could do them good
He lived by taking care of his richest friends
He'd lie and steal to do it without ever making amends
He had a way of making war crimes look just like salvation
He figured if it was good for him it must be good for the nation
Chorus and out

At the end of yesterday's post, I made some horse racing analogy and this popped out:
Goowby was a Race Hourse
Hanging out in the paddock I saw him before his first race.
Other dumb and nasty colts nickered, ate the feed he left behind
They all ganged up on the favorite and he won with a sneer on his face
From that moment on they knew he'd get whatever he had in mind


Goowby was a nasty horse who'd do anything to win
Paid homage to the god of power, said he never sinned
Let the connections do the dirty work, win every race
They bet him heavy and he won with a sneer on his face
Yeah, Goowby always won with a sneer on his face

I'd go on but I think I'd like some feedback. Which one? Or just back off? You could change the name and apply it to the politician of your choice these days. But it does seem to be a tight fit here.

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