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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Swinging Before the Breeze

Hurricane Wilma looks to be making a visit here or near here sometime early next week. I'm keeping an eye on it. Like every six hours. But in the meantime:

Cathy and I attended our first Swing Dance Class of the season last night. We had taken a bunch of different ballroom classes last spring, learning and promptly forgetting the basic steps of swing, salsa, fox-trot, waltz, rhumba, cha-cha, and if there was anything else, I forgot the name. It is not my idea of fun to have to memorize a sequence of steps. That's too much like school. I was a much better teacher than I was a student. When I got to teach stuff that I wasn't that good at as a student, I suddenly got it. So teaching makes you learn stuff better. With that in mind, I will try to find somebody to teach swing dancing to. Because it is pretty cool.

But I will never go near line dancing with goofy little fake cowboy outfits and only the most insipid music that can be found. I needed to get that straight.

Now back to our originally intended blogcast. I doubt I can find anybody to teach swing to. So I may have to resort to an imaginary friend or I could drug Cathy and move her about the living room like a zombie. She's gotten much better at following my lead. Unlike last year when she tried to lead all the time. This caused one of our very few arguments about anything. Cathy has a natural tendency to want to control things, having been a primary school teacher for so long. At yoga, I have to put my mat away from her most of the time so I don't have to try to listen to two sets of directions at the same time. We have different learning styles. I don't multitask well, or at all. Cathy can read War and Peace, and balance her checkbook at the same time, filling me in on what I missed on a video because she was talking to me about something else. This ability of hers seems superhuman to me. But I'm told it's just a chick thing.

The whole discussion of different learning styles is something that occupied a very large proportion of my professional life. I got to understand it much better by the time I retired. But understanding it and teaching a class of 30 different learning styles is quite a different thing. Before you criticize a teacher, try to think of it that way. You have to get all these kids who learn in sometimes vastly different ways to pass the same standardized test. You have to do it on schedule. Between all their special classes, lunch and various pullouts like violin lessons. You have to do this even if they have just witnessed their mother being abused. You have to do this when they're hungry or when they are running a temperature because they have no childcare. You have to do this even if they are unattractive or unaccepted and are the brunt of peer abuse. You have to do that when their hormones kick in. You have to do that when their pets die. You have to do that when they don't even speak English very well yet.

I got pretty good at it. Damn, dancing ought to be easy.

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