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Friday, October 21, 2005

Thoughts on Evacuation for Wilma.

At best this can only be a bet that she isn't coming here and if she does, she won't blow the house down. Now it's becoming obvious what happens in this kind of Do-I-stay-or-Do-I-go situation. I have a car. I have a strong house. I don't have a real job. What could possibly prevent me from going?

Peer pressure? Everybody is saying it's not coming or that it's only gonna be cat 3. Or 2 or 1. Fear of being caught in traffic jam on Interstate? Fear of what happens to property if it's damaged and I'm away? I have three gigs so is it
fear that if we go and it doesn't hit, my bookings will suffer?

How does this look if we stay and take a big hit, threatening life and limb? About as weak as those who stayed in NOLA. Now I understand it better. Those who lived through that say we should run far and fast. I guess you have to live through it to have that perspective.

I'm delaying the decision another day.

Haven't run into anybody around here yet who is concerned. The rumor that it's only gonna be cat 3 or less has taken hold. People need to latch on to that form of denial. Traffic up I75 is very heavy already. So people south of us aren't buying that rumor. But they've been projected to be in the path for a couple of days now. This is going to be a fascinating study on how people process information. How the info is managed by the media How people react when it hits. And of course the aftermath. The finger pointing. The excuses. All that high drama. The president desperately needs a photo op this week. The week so many of his colleagues are either being arrested or indicted.

So last night's gig was a street thing organized by the merchants group in downtown Venice. Venice Main Street it's called. There is no Main St. in Venice. It's a common Florida custom to name things after stuff that doesn't exist. Street names and subdivision names are notorious for being named after things that they aren't remotely related to. I love Venice, I truly do. But naming a town on the Gulf Coast after a northern Italian center of culture, known for it's canals and liberal ideas, is more than a little pretentious. We do have a hunk of inter coastal waterway here that was actually dug out. It's no canal. The idea of putting sights to see and gondola rides on it has so far escaped the imaginations of our city fathers. They have instituted a design code that enforces a northern Italian style on buildings within a certain district. Many of the subdivisions have a slightly Italian theme. I live on Tuscany Boulevard, for instance in a place called Pelican Pointe. Let us explore that overloaded gondola of pretension. A boulevard is a wide grand thoroughfare with stately buildings on either side. Isn't it? We have a sidewalk down only one side of the street. It's just wide enough for a car and a UPS truck to pass each other. There are only homes. Not exactly cookie cutter but all within approved designs, sizes and colors of our deed restriction. We also have automated gates that have never worked for more than a week or two before they just stop closing or opening. Depending on how desperate you are to get in or out. Pelicans are found only along the coast. Not two and a half miles inland where we are. They like their fish salty. And a pointe perhaps is a point that is nowhere near a body of water into which it points. Despite all this over priced silliness. I have grown to love it here. The majority of my neighbors are terrific people despite the fact that most of them are quite different from me. Maybe that's why they're terrific. I won't judge.

The gig was fun once I moved my location to avoid getting rained on. Now we're watching Wilma taking her sweet time tearing up the Yucatan and deciding how far right to turn. I find myself wishing for the first time in my life that anything will go to the extreme right. But the projected path has been consistently away from Venice. This means that those south of us who are evacuating have clogged the interstate. If we have to leave, we'll leave Saturday or Sunday. My gut feeling is that we won't have to leave. I won't post on the weekend in any event. Look for me Monday. And again, thanks for your concern. It's very comforting to know I have such solid friends in the blogging community.

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