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Friday, October 14, 2005

Underground Found Overground

I'm a cheerful guy even if a bit pessimistic when it comes to the state of the planet and those who seem to run it. I guess that means I don't have any doubt we are on a course to either poison ourselves, blow ourselves up. Or just run out of resources to help all the people who get battered around by various unnaturally caused natural disasters mixed in with the unavoidable ones like earthquakes. But despite this grim realization, I'm confident I can keep my own head up high no matter what. I only have so many minutes left on the planet so I'm gonna smile through most of those minutes. They're the only minutes I have. Yeah, I know, la la la la la. But I paid my dues. I took all the risks I'm gonna take trying to change things. A description of that would take several posts. Let it be known I graduated from college in 1969. Make whatever assumptions you want. Even if I filled in the details, you'd make assumptions anyway, so have fun with that.

UndergroundMy morning routine is generally: up at 5, write, post, bike for an hour and half, yoga, work on music and whatever. While biking down the intercoastal to the Gulf of Mexico, I try to erase the news I read on-line and see what lyrics will pop into my head. So this lyric is one of those. And this time I'll supply a little work tape so you can hear where I'm heading musically. Remember, a work tape is a doodle pad. A one take deal hot from my mind and fingers and vocal chords. It'll most likely undergo a lot of changes. But I'd like first impressions if you feel up to it. I'm smiling anyway.

I tried for two days to upload just a segment of this. This seems to be the only way I can get Blogger to take it and I'm out of time and brain cells to load a dial-up version. I'm deeply sorry for that. But I'm busy recording other stuff now.

Click Underground%20Bounce%20H%231D31FA.mp3 to listen to take one of Underground.

Bud Buckley copyright 2005

Parrots on a stop sign. Honeysuckle wall
Sweet smelling conflict, another subtle fall
Blinding sun in the East, storm clouds occlude West
Ride it down the middle, You can't tell what comes next

But when you're so confused you don't know what you've found
Take who and what you love and head for the underground

The air is getting filthy, so we'll call it nice and clean
The rivers run with mercury the fish are turning mean
There's killing done for freedom, we call it democracy
If it's in the name of God, you can't call it hypocrisy

When your head is split with pain from all that sound
Take who and what you love and head for the underground

It's fine to get rich unless you're working with your hands
Ask for more money, your work goes to other lands
You buy that line and take pride in your work
'til your job is gone and you go berserk

When you're down so far you can't rebound
Take who and what you love and head for the underground

When you've got no place to go but down....head for the underground
Just before you come unwound......head for the underground
When your life's no better than a homeless hound.....head for the underground
When you can't sit and watch another one get crowned....head for the underground
When there is no up and there's nothing good around.....head for the underground

posted by Bud @ 5:16 AM

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