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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Vidstone! I Thought of This First

I had this idea 30 years ago, damn it all. I hate it when my outrageous ideas make money for somebody else. It shows a certain lack of conviction I have in some of my ideas. It happens to me a lot. Some body also had the idea recently and is marketing it as Vidstone. A tombstone with a built in video display that runs a memorial loop about the departed loved one. This came on the inspiration I had about fear of death. I think it isn't death we are afraid of, it's fear of people forgetting us. So this is the answer if that is your particular hang-up. I think I'm over it by now but it's still a good idea for those who feel the need. Often it's the survivors who feel the need.

If you fear death for other reasons, I'm not sure I have an answer for you. Fear of pain? Set it up with Hospice before hand, they will keep you pain free until you expire. Fear of the hereafter? Look, if you believe in an after life, what are you afraid of? If you don't believe in an afterlife, why waste time worrying about it. You really need to appreciate every breathing second you have:

I have no fear of nothingness as long there's a now
I love my life for what it is and for all it will allow
Gloom and doom beliefs are of no threat to me
I'm not afraid of dying but I'm afraid that you'll forget me

I wonder how long our blogs will live in cyberspace?

Speaking of Blogs that should be read and hailed as one of the best, check out Lois Lane at Home Fires. And while you are there, please help her out by going down the right side and clicking the whozontop button and giving her a nice vote of approval. Why? Because some low life has been going on every day and low-voting her. She's checked on this and if she would webstat his identity, I'd go to his blog and give it a 1. I'd give it a 1 every day. I hate people like that. If you've never read Lois, she is quite unforgettable. She won't need a Vidstone but she deserves one.

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