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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Okay so I don't have to keep answering the are-you-safe question. I think my house is safe even if we take a direct hit. It's new and under the strongest codes. I'm two and a half miles from the Gulf. Not in a flood zone. Wilma on Wednesday ANYthing can happen but here's a map of the latest track and I've marked where I live in Venice. You can check that for future reference. You can also go to this site and see what the latest track is. They update every six hours at 5 and 11.

I have three gigs this week. Should be interesting to see how THAT turns out. Especially the Saturday gig. We should be into at least some wind and rain by then. If it's not much, I'll have a light crowd. Or I'll be canceled if it's worse.

I'm not worrying yet so neither should you. There are people with MUCH BIGGER problems. Just ask Blue.

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