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Monday, November 07, 2005

Don't Miss This Deal

Haven't talked much about music here in a few posts. A few wondered what was up with that. I'm swimming in a sea of music. Nothing is finished. Stopping to write about it keeps me from getting it finished. I'm just recuperating from a huge private block party gig. Enormous crowd. I only took ten minute break to avoid eating. I enjoyed myself but I'm exhausted. I did discover tat my Bose sound system works extremely well outside over a wide area. I'm rather stunned at how good that thing is.

I'm also preparing for a live promotional video gig still some five weeks away. This consumes more time and energy than I have time to detail here.

Banging myself into the kind of physical shape I want has created an energy crisis. That is, I haven't yet figured out the correct balance of sleep/workout/food to peak my energy when I need it.

I need to raise more money for the production of my next CD which I hope to start seriously recording as soon as the busy season ends here around April. So I'm putting my CD, Feel My Love, up for sale. Many of my long term readers already own it. I'm offering it to everybody now for $10 with free shipping. Until Christmas. That's a $4 saving. I'll autograph every CD if you e-mail me instructions. You can use this as a gift. I HOPE you'll use it as a gift. I'm gonna repeat this offer daily but I don't have time to redesign the buy page just yet. So e-mail me,, and I'll give you a mailing address for you to send a check.

Special offer for those who already bought one: I'll sell you a second one for $9. Free postage. Again, think gift.

If you're new to the site, you can hear samples by clicking the banner at the top of this page.

The New CD (working title is Tattoo) will be more acoustic in nature with layers of my guitars. I'll use New York, California and Florida musicians for percussion and bass. There will likely be some guest appearances when I use the Woodstock area studio, depending on availability. There will be more than one producer. So there will be a variety of flavors on the next one and I'm very excited. I've also had fun lately performing the stuff on Feel My Love in different arrangements. Lots of fun trying different things with older material. Maybe one day I'll do a Live CD of that stuff mixed with new stuff. The Video will certainly have little bits of that.

Posting may be lean for a bit as I get another coat of polish on some of the newer stuff.

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