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Monday, November 21, 2005

Heavy Seasoning

Bacon Brothers concert Saturday night was very entertaining. Good music all around. Kevin is certainly the performer. Doing Footloose moves all night. But it works. For him. Not for everyone. Michael just plays and sings his ass off and that's all it takes.

This is the second time in as many weeks I've seen somebody perform spoofy, comical lyrics. I've avoided developing my goofy lyrics into actual songs. Preferring just to post them for a laugh. I may have to revisit that. That stuff got good reaction. I may run it past you again.

Oh, it's November 19 (as I'm starting to write this) and another tropical storm is coming this way. Gamma, they're calling it. I really thought we were done for the season. See, people say Florida has no seasons. We have lots of them. We have early summer. We have hurricane season which overlaps early summer, midsummer and late summer. We have snow bird or tourist season. Snow birds either have white hair and drive cars much too big for them (slowly and in confused paths) or they actually have wings and feathers and northeastern attitudes. We have red tide season which can overlap any and all of those if it damn well feels like it. We have drought and possible fire season. We have gator mating season which coincides with stay the hell out of the fresh water season. We have hungry gator/birthing season which coincides with keep your poodle indoors season. There are many overlapping seasons for various insects like love bugs and fire ants. Clouds of Love Bugs fly around in pairs attached at the genitals. They get splattered on cars and are the official favorite organism of the carwash industry. We have seasons where the anoles, those cute little lizards, are as thick as carpets in the garden. I actually find them adorable and get incensed when the egrets dine on them. There are many many seasons involving the various wildlife cycles. I haven't adjusted to that yet.

So I know back in New York I had four distinct weather related seasons but looking back at it from a retired teacher's point of view there is just cold, shitty weather season which coincides with work in school with kids. And summer which could go either way but for me at least always involved working in school without kids. Getting ready for kids. I loved the kids. The rest of it I don't miss much at all. I always missed the best parts of spring and fall because I was really busy in school.

So now I'm in the season of my life where everyday is summer. But without kids. And I look back at the seasons past with both fondness and relief. But not regret. It's all good.

A six hour gig on Saturday at least gave me the longest sleep I've had in recent memory. Seven hours is like Rip VanWinkleville to me. It makes me groggy to sleep that long. Five hours and a short power nap is all I ever get. Fun gig, though. People had me doing Dylan tunes. I really don't get that, "You sound like Dylan" line I have thrown at me a lot but the tips aren't bad so I'll go with it. Guess I'll have to learn some more Bob songs. I actually have more Jacob Dylan songs in my set list, I think. I did Blowin' In The Wind last night on request from a lady who wanted a "hippy folk song." She was quite adamant about it and her initial request was Margaritaville which I joked about and avoided. When you play gigs in Florida the Margaritaville request is dreaded because it comes five hundred times a week. Enough with that shit already. It gets to be more grating than a nursery rhyme. Hell, to me it is a nursery rhyme.

So now it's Monday morning and tropical depression Gamma looks to be giving up. It's the season of tired storms, I guess. For everything there is a... Hey, another hippy folk song! Turn, Turn, Turn.

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