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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Hump in the Way Day

Cathy's flight got in at 2:30AM instead of midnight. I had a training session, tried out a guitar and taught a music lesson. We are giving a coffee gathering for our Yoga classes at 10:30. I have three gigs this weekend. Here we go again. Sleep deprivation and over work does not a good blog make. Nor does it allow time to create/finish my music.

It's so damn nice having Cathy back. Cuddling is my favorite pass time. Who needs sports or TV? Physical training is going well. It's very helpful to have somebody boss you around and get you into shape. Kind of like a dominatrix. Adorable Czech accent too. She's given me a printed out program to follow as I only have 6 sessions left and then I have a new guitar to pay for.

I nearly took home a black one today (Taylor T5) that showed up unexpectedly at Sam Ash. I played it and I am sold. It plays like butter. You can make it sound like anything you want from mellow acoustic to very edgy electric. T5But I'm holding out for the red one pictured here. Late December they say. If you know nothing about guitars, Taylor is considered among the very best. To me it IS the best because of the neck design that is perfect for me. The tone is as good as any great guitar and better than most. It holds it's value remarkably well. I could sell one of mine for the same price I bought it four years ago. But I'll keep it as a backup. I decided to get a few cheap acoustics for students to borrow when they don't have one. Gonna get a baby one for little kids too.
So it's a three gig weekend and then I concentrate on preparing for the video shoot gig on Dec. 14. After that it's total R and R until Dec. 30 for a Stir The Soul coffee house gig. January begins my two and three gig a week busy season until Easter.

Somehow I'll work on my songs. Somehow. Blogging? Whenever I can.

posted by Bud @ 5:52 AM

Yo Bro nice axe.Just went to Sam Ash yasterday and bought a Ovation. Taylor is nice piece of work.
It looks pretty!

Glad she's home and you're content! Good luck with the work load on little sleep, that's gotta be rough!
I'm glad Cathy is home Bud! :-)
Good luck with your busy schedule. Keeping your eyes on the prize (R & R) makes it easier. The fact that you love what you're doing doesn't hurt either! ;-)

Tiredawg, I use to have an Ovation. Good rugged guitar.

Jade, I'll get through, thanks!

3T, I do love it. No complaints here.
So glad Cathy is home! It is a busy time for all of us. I got the CD yesterday and I love it! Thanks!
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