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Friday, November 04, 2005

Other Life-Prolonging Nonse-Ents

A few posts ago I told you about my spectacular continuation of life idea that was put into production by somebody else because I never acted on it. It's called Vidstone by the developer. A video headstone that plays video clips of your life. Beliefs or disbeliefs aside about an afterlife, I believe two things: I believe we can't know if there is an afterlife. And I believe that many people need to believe in one for a variety of reasons. The most dominant reason is fear. It relieves fear. It also soothes our human ego. What ME cease to exist?? Im-frigging-possible! Okay whatever you want to believe has absolutely no impact on me unless you're trying to get a donation to export your beliefs to people who don't know or care. Or start a war. Both are popular features of organized religion. Whether intentional or not.

Ents So now there is an organization that is the obvious accompaniment to the Vidstone. Now you can have your DNA entwined with an oak tree and planted at your grave site. This organization makes it clear that you would not be creating tree like Ent creatures that look like you. Nor would they produce little acorns with your facial features. Nobody would know your DNA was in the tree unless they took it into a genetics lab. And this particular biopresence ego trip is only $30,000 on top of your funeral expenses, not including the Vidstone.

The whole bioengineering thing is on the verge of getting out of hand, I fear. I'm all for messing with genetics enough to eliminate horrible diseases, if you include in that list of diseases things like bigotry, greed, deceit, and obsessive needs to watch Jerry Springer and that ilk all day long. But the problem is that all those sins are already so imprinted in our DNA that there is about as much chance of designing a better human being as there is in getting the levees in NOLA rebuilt without some skimming that will eventually put that town underwater. Again.

I am a walking talking singing contradiction. I'm very up and cheerful and love my life. I'm, at the same time, very pessimistic about the fate of humanity on this planet. Again, that is what my song Underground is all about.

If you could change your genetic structure to really improve yourself, what would you change? I'd go for no nasty diseases, aging slowly and gracefully, dying in my sleep when I've decided I've had enough. I'm willing to work for everything else in life.

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