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Monday, November 28, 2005

Reverse Cinderfella

Okay, enough of this bachelorhood. I can do everything for myself. Always have. I clean, do laundry, make the bed and cook. Cook in a manner of speaking, that is. I don't eat anything with fat in it. So if opening a container of fat free cottage cheese, or frying Egg Beaters in nonfat spray is considered cooking, I'm qualified. I also do salads and protein shakes. There are two things I don't do well. I don't handle the accounts with any savvy and I don't like the time/space continuum when it is noticeably absent of Cathy. Besides, it's Cathy who is the financially savvy one. She also cooks several times a week so I can eat various forms of chicken. Not that I can't make chicken but hers tastes so much better that I would never bother to do it for myself. She also likes to paint walls and do gardening although she swears that's not true. Actions speak louder than words. When we're together, she's a lot of words and constant action. You can't hug and kiss a transcontinental phone conversation. So I've had enough. This shit ends at midnight tonight when I pick her up at the airport.

Okay, I got a lot of stuff done because there is a noticeable lack of conversation and interaction around here. But those of you who have suffered the absence of your mate know what I mean when I talk about welcome distractions and the lack there of.

Tonight I am going to our swing dance class without Cathy. My neighbor, Jo, graciously agreed to sub. She's a good dancer. And she'll probably be very polite and therefore not as bossy when I make a misstep, position my hands wrong or lose attention when the instructor shows new stuff. But I'm predicting I'm gonna miss that too.

Midnight tonight, baby. I'm like a reverse Cinderfella.

I didn't make much progress on my songs but I have been very busy with developing a system of music instruction. It's going to be a folder in which will live a slide rule for various scales on the fingerboard. You won't need to read music to use it. Guitarists are notoriously illiterate. I'm both enabling that tendency and giving them more power with music theory they can see in patterns. It is an awesome system. I'll also include my song writing chord wheel. It will show what chords are available in every key. Rotate it for each new key. Other music theory info will be printed on the folder. Music illiterates will be enlightened. Would be song writers will learn how to break out of the three chord humdrum. Power chord freaks will learn that there is something besides a fifth in each scale. And if you turn down the distortion, it's kind of pretty. Guitarists of all breeds will be able to move along the fingerboard in ways they didn't know were possible. With a minimum of thought. Who wants to think when you're jammin'?

I'm at the prototype stage now. I'll try it out on students before I start refining.

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

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