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Friday, November 18, 2005

What Kind of Friday Should We Have Here?

I sure do appreciate all the helpful feedback on that lyric I posted about Denial the other day. It was more helpful than you will ever know. I don't want to say more than that just now. If you commented on it, I'm deeply grateful. You are allowed to say it sucks, ya know, as long as you tell me why it sucks.

As I'm witing this, I'm just home from a street fair type gig. More of a duty to the business community than anything else. In the process I did pick up an extra couple of gigs for December and most likely a resigning of my usual tourist season gig which is January to Easter here. Saw some nice folks I know wander by. This is another intense weekend with three guitar lessons to teach, a concert to attend and a gig. Going to the movies too. What did I do before I retired? Oh, yeah, I remember now.

So I've been toying with the idea of having a special recurring feature on Fridays or Mondays or both. Braless Tuesday like Bored Housewife is out of the question. There's also a fun Way Back Wednesday at Xtessa's. The ever popular Half Naked Thursday like Jill's is fun but why add to something that's already being done? Michael Manning does neat things with Friday Night at the Movies. I'm kind of stuck for new ideas.

Would would you think of a Name the Celebrety Body Parts contest? Not strictly a T and A sort of thing. It would include nostrils, earlobes, hairdos without faces. That sort of thing.

If I stick with my ongoing theme, I should probably do a Name That Lyric (from a line I supply) contest. Could do multiple choice. If I could find the software to run it, I'd set it up like Name That Tune. You know, "I can name that lyric in four words..."

Would love to hear from as many of you as possible on this or other suggestions. A long as it's not something that somebody else is already doing.

I should close this week with a big thank you to those who have taken advantage of my special CD offer and offer it still again. You know you want to stuff somebody's stocking or other orifice with this baby:

I need to raise more money for the production of my next CD which I hope to start seriously recording as soon as the busy season ends here around April. So I'm putting my CD, Feel My Love, up for sale. Many of my long term readers already own it. I'm offering it to everybody now for $10 with free shipping. Until Christmas. That's a $4 saving. I'll autograph every CD if you e-mail me instructions. You can use this as a gift. I HOPE you'll use it as a gift. I'm gonna repeat this offer daily but I don't have time to redesign the buy page just yet. So e-mail me,, and I'll give you a mailing address for you to send a check.

Special offer for those who already bought one: I'll sell you a second one for $9. Free postage. Again, think gift.

If you're new to the site, you can hear samples by clicking the banner at the top of this page.

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