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Friday, December 09, 2005

Anatomical Friday?

It's time once again to play Celebrity Body Parts! Today will feature female lips but not necessarily singer songwriters. Some are singers, some are actresses.

The first one to guess them all right by e-mailing me at (or just clicking the Contact button on the left, which is fixed) will get a good humping from this blog. That is I'll plug your blog with a screen shot and a good buttering up for the job you do.

The answer spells out a short sentence including the correct punctuation.

1. gwenlips

B. Gwyneth Paltrow
S. Madonna
C. Nora Jones
K. Gwen Stefani

2. JenGarnlips
I. Jennifer Garner
U. Jennifer Jones
H. Jennifer Aniston
L. Jennifer Lopez

3. Julialips
O. Julia Stiles
C. Julia Barr
S. Julia Roberts
A. Julie Christie

W. Kate Winslet
S. Kate Hudson
K. Kate Beckinsale
P. Kate Bosworth

5. Madonnalips

M. Madonna Ciccone
I. Donna Reed
O. Donna Woodman
Y. Donna Wong

6 NoraLips
E. Nora Jones
I. Nora Ephron
O. Nora Dunn
Y. Nora Ricci

? Sarah Jesicca Parker
! Sarah McLachlan
: Sarah Michelle Geller
; Sarah Jane Redmond

Winners announced Monday!

Suggest new contests in this comments section.

posted by Bud @ 7:12 AM

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